Thiral offers integrated solutions with enhanced security and energy saving properties. The systems are compatible with many accessories, which can offer outstanding functionality and compatibility with various automations and remote control applications. The high design specifications, materials and production process make Thiral Doors, one of the top market solutions.








At Thiral, you can find the best panel for any use, any architectural and decorative trend, according to your wish and the needs of your place. The huge range in Exclusive, Classic, Inox, Pressed and other panels can cover any need, enhancing the thermal insulation, soundproofing and functional uses of every door system. Follow your personal taste and character, form the aesthetic of your place according to them, simply by choosing the Thiral panel that suits you best.


Thiral’s philosophy is centred to the integrated provision of solutions that meet the needs of a place with high quality and innovative aluminum applications. In this context, it has been developing its products range since 2000, adding to it insect screen systems. Featuring a very wide range of products in this category, it allows the customer to choose the screen that meets all those needs of the installation point in terms of function and functionality. The certified quality of the products and the construction process, in combination with the pan-European innovation of the special brake mechanism, make the final product a state-of-the-art in terms of quality and functionality.