At Thiral, we constantly invest in quality and security. For this reason, we have a fully equipped powder coater that meets the highest material security, painting process and eco-friendliness standards, ensuring a flawless result.

Due to the quality of the materials used, the technological identity of the equipment, as well as the personal experience and training of the personnel, we create high quality results as far as both aesthetics and endurance over time, due to their use and towards the most challenging weather conditions. The powder coater serves both Thiral’s production line and the outwork.


Ral Colour Chart

Ral colours are created in all types of our powders, to be used on products of internal or external application, in gloss, satin or matt, with even or grainy texture.

Futura 2014-2017 Colour Chart

Futura 2014-2017 Collection includes super resistant colours of our Interpon D2525 Series for external use in architectural metallic elements.

Brilliance D2000 Colour Chart

Brilliance Interpon D2000 includes 11 super resistant metallic colours, with an ultra-shiny metallic effect and even texture. They belong to our Interpon D2525 Series.

The wide range of colours is not limited to the simple RAL collection, but it is enriched with the special categories of the metallic shades, the matt textures, the textures of endurance under extreme conditions, the grainy textures and other more special colours applications. Among the paints manufacturers, Thiral collaborates with are AKZO NOBEL, NEOKEM and INVER.

Wood imitation paints follow Thiral’s typical technique, with the final result having the visual effect of wood, as well as the same aesthetics design, so that each product fits perfectly with the architectural style of the place. The special processing of the final product -totally compatible with the strictest quality and security standards- makes it resistant in time and in use.

The Structura Collection includes 32 of the most famous RAL colours, with a fine grainy texture. The powders of this collection belong to our Interpon D2525 Series: A series of ultra resistant polyester painting powders, specially designed for use on metallic surfaces of architectural constructions.